Extrusion is our core business. We produce a range of different extrusion lines using materials such as PVC, ABS and PMMA.

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We extrude profiles for our catalogue and customise bespoke solutions to meet our customers’ specific requests. We offer an extensive choice of products which are employed in a whole host of sectors, such as the construction industry, doors and windows, a variety of industrial applications and power lines. With a high level of automation for our extrusion processes, we can perform special in-line machining which translates into major savings for our customers.

Technical products

These products are custom made to meet our customers’ specific requests, and include profiles for power lines and packages for the semiconductor industry. They demand the use of highly sophisticated extrusion methods and extremely high standards of quality.

The extrusion process is fully automated so we can perform a series of additional machining and supply a “ready-to-use” profile.

Industrial products

This category covers the profiles for producing boxes for luminous signs and cable ducts.
The profiles for luminous sign boxes are part of our catalogue and available in white, grey and black, while the cable duct profiles are custom made to the customers’ designs and specifications.


Our construction line includes products for covering industrial warehouses in white and transparent extruded PMMA and PVC, and PVC profiles for suspended ceilings and wall cladding and panels for special applications, windowsills, etc.

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